Battle of favorite Gel Eyeliners!

So… I decided to write this blog post out of total boredom.

I started using eyeliner back when I was um… 13 or so? But I had started with liquid liners and pencil liners so I have really few gel liners cause I just caught the gel liner fever. And I’m a total convert. Gel liners don’t smudge as much as pencil liners and that’s totallll~y my favorite part. Now I’ll compare 2 of my most favorite gel liners that I own~ ^^

Tonymoly Backstage Gel Eyeliner; #1 Black



(Haha I couldn’t get the entire pricetag off… I think it was ₩8500? ~8.50 USD!)

NEED I SAY MORE ABOUT THIS EYELINER. This stuff is amaaa~zing!! Honestly!! It’s so creamy and it glides on so smooth on your eyelids it totally feels like a dream! Plus it’s really affordable too! It comes with a gel liner brush attached to the top but I prefer using a slanted edged brush to apply eyeliner so I don’t use that gel liner brush all that often.


Creamy yummy goodness


#1 Black!

MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack


This was the first ever gel liner I used (thus explaining the deep hole in the jar) but MAC is a heeeeellllaaaa expensive where I live. Like it’s literally 40 bucks for an eyeliner. Revlon is equally expensive ㅠㅠ) so I got my Aunt in America to send me this ♡♡♡ And I have liked it ever since I laid hands on it but. It’s too expensive! I really wouldn’t repurchase it. The pigmentation of this liner is amazing though but I do think it’s not as creamy as Tonymoly’s liner.



All in all… Tonymoly all the way!! Much cheaper & creamier & more pigmented. Love love love the Backstage Gel Eyeliner ♡


Gmarket Haul~ ♡

I’m back with a Gmarket haul ♡ I always keep going back to Gmarket to get more stuff and all and it really sucks cause my bank account balance… Hehehehe but it’s okay right cause it’s reward for me studying hard! Keke

I) MULE Correcealer in #1 Light Skin


I already own the Season 1 and Season 2 founcealer and correcealer from the Mule collection and so I thought this summer special founcealer would be good to add on to my collection. I bought it with the brushes because my old brushes from my old MULE founcealer are so dirty already… I’ve already tested out this founcealer and besides the added SPF (season 3 founcealers have SPF 40, PA++), it still feels pretty much like the season 2 founcealer. Still a pretty thing though, and it comes with a pink shade volume cheek balm for shade #1, and peach shade for #2.

#1 Light Skin



(Excuse the dirty puff) The puff is totally not worth mentioning and I do suggest you get the brushes to effectively use this product!

The brushes. How beautiful are they!?

2) Mint colored short pants
Mint was really a hit this summer and everyone wore so much mint and turquoise! It’s a really pretty color no doubt ♡ I bought this pants without much expectations cause they were reaaaally cheap… perhaps 14 USD or so. When I first saw them, I was in awe of the material cause it was just so so amazing! The material is really thick and the buttons are all intact. The stitches are all beautiful too. A really good deal considering the price! Love love love. I’m definitely gonna get some baby pink pants!

100% cotton ♡

The back of the pants. Two cute pockets!

Look at the stitching. Isn’t it so intricate and beautiful? ♡_♡

3) Dresses
#1 Pink bambi dress
(Forgive me… I was thinking of it as a Christmas special haha!)
When I first saw this dress on the listing I knew I had to get it! I didn’t know initially but it turned out to be a Paul & Joe inspired dress. The dress feels so soft and I could sleep on it if I wished just cause it’s soooo soft ♡ The bambi patterns makes the whole dress look really feminine and girly. It wasn’t too expensive considering the workmanship, it was around 27 USD.


#2 Yellow bird patterned dress

For Mummy ♡ I like how this dress has a thick lining good for four seasons and so you do not need to wear an inner piece too! The patterns are really pretty and once again the workmanship is amazing. Love!


The lining is so thick ♡

I realised my Gmarket haul posts get more likes and views than any other posts so I’ll be back with more Gmarket hauls! I still have a package or two that I’ve yet to blog about and I plan on ordering soon too so… See you & thank you for reading! Have a great great Christmas ♥

Gmarket Haul #1

So… hello ^^
Today I’m going to be sharing pictures of a haul from Gmarket!!

So^^ This is not my first haul from Gmarket, and definitely not my last, but I will be sharing some tips on ordering and images of the items I got, delivery etc.


It came in a huge huge box like that. EMS delivery took only 3 days. Efficient!!


The contents in the box! Now I will go on to the items I got ^^

1) Mismatched tee

(sorry about how it’s wrinkly, I haven’t worn it in ages +_+)
This was one of my more impulse buys to maximise shipping I guess, but I like how the mismatched colors are cute too ^^ And it says Vote for Pedro how cute is that!!!!!! I like how you can always find unique pieces for cheap prices on Gmarket ^^

2) Blouses



These blouses are so so pretty!! And they aren’t even expensive, & that’s the good point of Gmarket. You can find really cheap deals that are of good quality like these blouses, and rest assured that the design will be pretty!! I love to wear these blouses with my skorts in the summer, they look amazing~

3) Walkers

(The walker on the left is from a Gmarket store called Pinkyholic, the right one is from a Gmarket store called paperplanes)
These walkers are so pretty!! Need I say much? And the workmanship is so intricate for the price I pay!! They were only around $45 each and trust me, it’s worth every dollar because the quality is amazing. Whenever I shop in town, these walkers are always sold at sky high prices and I never dreamt of owning one so pretty at such a low price. Paperplanes included a free shoe cleaner too so that’s sweet ^^v I’m going to pair this with my sheer leggings and dresses when I go overseas this year, and it’ll look amazing~

4) Accessories

Guess how much I got this for? Only around $10!! Considering that the workmanship is so pretty and the bracelet is of high quality, it's amazing! I even dropped it before and none of the rhinestones came out (phew). This goes well with my dresses to give off a more sweet, innocent look.

5) Skorts

These are my skorts that I normally wear with my blouses, in which I tuck my blouses in. Looks really pretty right? The quality is thick, it’s not sheer at all. Considering it’s only around $17, amazing amazing.

See how I just made an OOTD there? From head to toe~ So are you the kind that really isn’t that much into fashion? You’re more into things like K-pop? Gmarket also has things like that~


The albums arrive in safe conditions and rest assured, the albums on Gmarket are authentic so you know you’re buying real albums to support your favourite artists and not counterfeits!!

If you’re new to Gmarket, you can always ask the customer service questions about ordering, etc. They are really friendly and will reply quick 🙂 Alternatively you can check out their long list of FAQ! Also, nowadays due to many orders the warehouse is busier, so do not worry if shipping is slightly delayed (at most 1 day from my experience) 🙂
Gmarket is having an amazing discount on worldwide shipping now and it’s up to 50% off!! Now you do not need to worry as much about expensive shipping!! So start clicking now!!

Absolute love for!

Korean cosmetics haul!

Hello hello~ (^人^)I’m back with a haul post on Etude House, Aritaum & Somang!! Aritaum & Somang may be unfamiliar to you guys, but they are Korean brands too ^^ I’m going to be reviewing the products I got, so stay tuned ^^

From Somang I got their eye cream under Danahan and a sleeping pack under Beauty Credit!! And a BB cream under Ecopure. Didn’t take individual pictures… But there’s a group picture 😀


And this is the water sleeping pack. 😀 The eye cream & BB cream have screwed pictures so….. Hehehehe

I got 10 masks from Aritaum! The Natural Fresh Mask range in Orange, Cucumber, Carrot, Acai Berry & Green Tea! ^^



I will be reviewing these masks pretty soon!! Come back soon, okay? ^^

Etude House



Firstly, this is the Dear My Blooming Lips lipstick in PK006. It’s a really pretty orangey pink!!


This is the Missing U Bee Happy hand cream! It’s my backup for the Queen Bee one I have already 🙂


This is the Baby Skin Base, one of Etude’s cheapest bases. I CAN’T EXPLAIN HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS. Really. It works so well for my face. I’ll elaborate on it further in another post!! This is my backup, by the way~


This is the Dear Darling Tint in shade 01, Berry Red! It’s a berryish pretty colour. Yay ^^


This is the Surprise Essence Concealer in shade 1! I kind of like this too~ this is my backup one too!! It conceals errrr… pretty okayish. Won’t say it’s the best, but not the worst either so it’s fine with me 🙂


This is the Blackhead Remover Dual Sheet! Have never tried it before, but maybe it work out!!!!!!!??
Hahaha hopefully o_o


The oil control film! Isn’t this thing just so pretty & cute!? Ahhhhhh!?


This is just a nail filer that’s really cute!! In Korean the name is “Sweet Emery Board” if anyone’s curious 🙂


This is the Oh m’Eye Line I got for my friend!! She asked me to get her an eyeliner…….. o_o
This is totally unrelated but I’ve never tried this eyeliner out before!! >;<;

Samples & free gifts
All the stores were really generous with their free gifts!! From Somang they gave me sooooo many samples I won’t list them out 😀


Etude House gave me this nicely packed set of stuff…. Will try em out 😉




And a SHINee fan too~ Anyone wants it? Kekeke! Etude played Boyfriend’s “Don’t Touch My Girl” and I was a total fangirl, keke.

I got some things from Tsumori Chisato too but I didn’t take pictures…. Will review the above items soon, stay with me okay? See you~ ^^

Review: Etude House Shini Star Clear BB Lotion

So, quite a long time back, I hauled this Shini Star Clear BB Lotion because I heard that it was pretty much like a tinted moisturiser. (Once again, I’m extremely sorry for the low quality pictures because I’m really too lazy to find my camera sync cable… ^^;;)


The box has a pretty minty blue colour. Thumbs up for the packaging!!


I’m personally not a fan of SHINee, but this is really cute!! It comes with a cute plastic pump that dispenses product really well as compared to the old Precious Mineral BB Cream’s pump!


“BB Lotioj moisturizing foundation promotes a moist, brightened, and natural complexion look.” For me, the coverage was pretty much okay-ish, it’s like little to no coverage at all. Really moisturizing though!!


A blob of it on my hand!! I’m honestly not extremely fond of this BB lotion…. Yes, it’s meant to have little coverage, but my complains are about the shade.


When blended out!! I’m a fairly fair Asian, especially on my face. #pun ^^ But this is in an Etude shade #2, whereas I’m usually the fairest shade, a shade #3. This comes only in one shade, and the coverage is too sheer for a whole day of use (I usually use BB creams once in the morning and I look natural for the rest of the day)……….. So I should say I’m extremely disappointed T____T but if you’re looking for a little to no coverage & okay BB lotion, this may be one you might want to add to your wish list!



I’ll be doing a comparison post on the old Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream & the upgraded one. Stay tuned!! ^^

Just got my favourite band, Boyfriend’s, Japanese debut cd. I M A EXCITED GIRL.

Review: Etude House Skin Malgeum Exfoliating Toner in Smoother

So being the Etude House junkie I am, I was all hyped up when the Skin Malgeum (Skin Malgem) range was released! I bought the product in the smoother variation, because I hoped that it will help to eliminate some whiteheads from my face.


Packaging wise, it’s a very big step from the usual princess-y Etude packaging! It’s in a plastic kind of bottle with a frosted glass look. I got this with the Soft Cotten Toner Pads from the Skin Malgeum range too!!


Scent wise, this product has quite a strong flowery scent but that’s acceptable! As for the consistency, it’s like any other toner, with a watery feel. I apply it onto my face after bathing, and I really do feel a difference! ^^ I have combination dry skin, but however now my skin feels softer and more moisturised now, and there is a healthy glow to my skin when I wake up in the morning. Even my friends noticed and complimented me on that! I have many whiteheads though, and this product didn’t eliminate any of my whiteheads (sadly), but instead softened the appearance of them. But I have only used this for around 6 days… So we’ll see!! •w• as for the Malgeum toner pads… They are just ordinary cotton!? >_>!

– Quite a big bottle
– Helps to promote a healthy glow
– Softens skin
– Contains no parabens!

– Scent may be unbearable for some!
– May be hard to find a suitable product for you in such a huge range
– Mostly catering for dry skin!

Feel free to leave comments & ask questions about any products~ I’ll read & answer them all!! ^^

Review: Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer #2

So I am back again today with my first ever review (sorry for the low quality pics, I was unable to find my camera cable so please bear with the LQ photos for now! ^^)

So today’s review is on the highly raved Etude House product from the Nymph Aura line, the Nymph Aura Volumer. Mine is in shade #2, Brilliant Nymph Aura.


I bought this from my local Etude store due to curiosity, cause the shop staff was really nice and all~ so basically I wasn’t really looking for a highlight product and all, I was just curious! But I never knew, I’ll actually come to LOVE this.


On the box it writes:
“Makeup Multi-Cream maximizing the radiance and dewy glow on skin, completing flawless skin with plumped up moisture.”

You’re supposed to apply it in a 1:3 ratio mix with your favourite BB cream or foundation. I personally apply it with my Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in #2 Sheer Glowing Skin. And it turns out really beautiful. You will be able to see a visible glow in your skin ^^ It looks really beautiful!


Alone, it has a pinkish tone to it, and it has a flowery scent that’s really strong. I apply this on a daily basis and I’m already used to the scent, but it’s all up to personal preference!



When blended you can see the glow, it is really obvious! Shade #2 is pinkish, while shade #1 looks just like oil. Nymph Aura Volumer now has a new packaging and line in Korea (they added a Nymph Aura Volumer Mist that’s supposedly to moisturise skin after makeup application), and I’m definitely repurchasing after I’m done with my bottle. I may try out shade #1, and do a comparison! ^^ However, I wouldn’t recommend shade #1 to people with oily skin, as #1 is really sticky and will not be suitable for too oily skin!


– It really does give the “celebrity glow” that I want! ^^
– It’s really natural.
– The bottle is really big, so I guess there’s a reasonable amount of product! I use really little, so I guess it’ll last me for long! ^^
– I suppose that it’s suitable for almost all skin tones? Yay for all!! ^^

– It has a really strong flowery scent that may be unbearable to some! But it’s okay for me ^^
– It may not be that suitable for people with oily skin as it’s supposed to make your skin look even more dewy than usual! I suggest #2 too oily skinned people!
– It may dilute your BB cream and reduce coverage! But it works okay for me.

Overall I rate this a 4/5. Really, I can’t find anything that I dislike about it!! I will purchase #1 soon!! ^^